Shaft-mounted gear reducers for industrial automation


The best gear reducers for industrial automation

Industrial automation comprehends all the technologies that are used to operate a machine or a process automatically, without human intervention.

OCR RP SERIES deal with motion transmission within this field; thanks to the wide range of reduction ratios and sizes available, our SERIES can be applied in any industrial sector ensuring maximum efficiency in every working condition.
They are mainly
used for conveyor belt or auger transport.

Application areas

The main industrial sectors in which our reducers can be applied. 

  • Mechanical and Electromechanical Industries

  • Construction Industry

  • Ceramic Industry

  • Glass, Marble, Wood processing Industries

  • Graphical and Paper Industry

  • Steel and Metalworking Industries

  • Food Processing, Agricultural and Livestock Industries

  •  Plastic and Rubber Processing Industries

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The advantages of OCR Gear Reducers

The challenges you can overcome choosing our products and the advantages they bring:

  • Strength and resilience of materials

  • INDOOR Installations: Our gear reducers are optimal for conveyor belts and industrial automation plants that require tailored products.

  • Thanks to our specialization in several hollow shaft dimensions, our products are adaptable in every type of industrial plant.

  • ‘Mount it and forget about it’
    Our gear reducers need very little maintenance.

  • Favourable dimensions and weights (can range from 18 to 300 kilos) 

  • Inclined and Vertical planes of different heights; the little maintenance needed and the possibility to implement a backstop device make our gear reducers an optimal choice for systems where you need to minimize the risk of falling goods such as bucket elevators.


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