Shaft-mounted gear reducers for construction sites, quarries and earthmoving equipment

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The best gearboxes for the automation of earthmoving machines.

The mining industry is constantly evolving and faces countless challenges including costs, social and environmental conditions and difficult working sites. 

OCR gear reducers are essential in tackling these challenges, providing efficiency and higher productivity. Our products are utilized for the operation of mining machinery, crawler vehicles, self-propelled machines and conveyor belts for quarries and mines in outdoor installations as well as mixers and chippers for aggregates.

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The advantages of OCR Gear Reducers

The challenges you can overcome choosing our products and the advantages they bring:

  • Strength and resilience of materials

  • OUTDOOR Installations: Our gear reducers are adaptable and durable also in hostile soil condition environments such as dust, gravel, cement and minerals.

  • Our products can withstand any type of weather condition; extreme resistance to bad weather and temperature changes throughout the seasons.

  • ‘Mount it and forget about it’
    Our gear reducers need very little maintenance.

  • Inclined and Vertical planes of different heights; the little maintenance needed and the possibility to implement a backstop device make our gear reducers an optimal choice for systems where you need to minimize the risk of falling goods such as bucket elevators.



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