OCR Shaft-mounted gear reducers series RP1C 168 are single-stage gear reducers.

Product specification

Gear transmission ratio



0,98 for single-stage gear reducers

Backstop Device

available on request

Exterior paint

Blu RAL 5010

OCR SHAFT-MOUNTED GEAR REDUCERS RP 1C 168, whenever belt transmission between the engine and the gearbox is required, are implemented directly on the shaft of the machine to be controlled. 

The SERIES RP 1C 68 includes only 1 gear transmission ratio: 6,83.

AR Backstop Device is enforceable on these gears both with clockwise (ARO)  and anticlockwise (ARA) free rotations. This holdback equipment, which helps to prevent the driven equipment from running backwards, can be quickly implemented on the gear even without removing it from the controlled machine.

The RP1C 168 gear reducers are lubricated in oil but supplied without it; within this series Torque arm (Tensioner) is not supplied either.  Usually, the amount of oil needed in the working position is around 0,8; the oil must be poured into the reducer up to the height of the cap and replaced after a running-in-period of 500 working hours. 

To place an order for a non-commercial replacement, in addition to the position and its relative denomination, it is necessary to specify the gear transmission ratio indicated on the plate. 

Shaft-mounted gear reducers are mainly used for controlling conveyor belts, bucket elevators, augers, mixers and crushers. 


OCR industrial gearboxes RP 1C 168 have many advantages. 
Choose our unique pieces for optimal engine performance.

  • A very high efficiency and low noise levels.

  • Extreme ease of assembly and ability to prevent backwards motion

  • Very easy maintenance with minimal requirements

  • Wide speed range achievable by changing the pulleys of the motor and reducer


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